Sunday, June 17, 2007

Really, we are still here!!!

Hello everyone! Just to let you know that we are still in business! Theother day, our sign board was broken. That happened on Sunday morning realearly. From the broken glass, we found out that the glass was broken AFTER3:00 AM as the ground was dry UNDER the broken glass. Felt like someonefrom CSI! The Police were great; took a few photos and wrote up a reportand left before many people started coming to service. On Monday, our Landlordput cardboard around the sign board. It did not look all that good, butthe repair person was coming in a few days and having broken glass out therejust did not look safe!

On the following Friday, I visited a friendwho is helping us find wheelchairs for Wheelchairs of Hope. She thoughtthat I was coming by to say good-bye. She had gone by the Chapel and sawthe sign board all 'boarded up' and thought we had closed!

We arestill open for business! And we are open for worship. Thing is, this next Sunday, June 24, we will start our new summer schedule! The worship servicewill start at 10:00 AM and not at 10:30. Please note the change. We willreturn to the 10:30 on the first Sunday in September. We have stopped theSunday School program for the summer. We call the Sunday School "the GrowZone." You may want to come in September. We have room for a number ofnew classes. Maybe, even an Alpha Course! Keep your eyes open for the changes.

Well,last Sunday, on June 10, we had Vidar A speak for us. It was his last Sundaywith us as he is now on his way home in Norway. He spoke on John 10:1-20. We need to becareful of the thief that comes to steal and kill and destroy.