Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Times, they are a-changing!

Well, summer is almost over and the time for getting ready for the Fall has begun.

WAIT a moment! There is plenty of summer left and the temps are just right to get outside and get some more sun! In fact, the only thing that will change for us at ICCS is that the time of the Morning Service will return to 10:30 AM for Worship.

It is just like a good mystery book. You don't want to start the book on page 75, do you? Start reading from page one and you will understand the plot and theme a lot better! Same with coming to service on time. Work at it. Service starts at 10:30. If you go see the doctor and the appointment is for 10:30, ask yourself, would you arrive at the office at 11? I don't think so! So, be at service on time, OK?

See you this Sunday at 10:30 --- or even a little early so as to find the right seat. This week, we will be looking at Acts 19:23-41. "It's a Riot out there!"

And we will be celebrating the Lord's Table.

Come and Worship the Living God of the Bible. Return to the things you know to be true!