Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Time To-Rethink

Once, when I was a small boy, I had the notion that I was not from this planet. My older brother supported that notion. I began to feel that I was indeed an alien and I had not even heard of Area 51. I, as my story went, came from a planet much like Earth that was behind the Coal Sac in the Milky Way. I came to earth the usual way but was left behind only to be adopted by the De La Cour family as they traveled thru New York City. They heard about this poor child, without a home, without a family and without any passport. They took pity in me and brought me into the family. A real-to-life story but not true.

I had no real special abilities as an alien that I was aware of. Later in life, I found that I could fly but for some strange reason, not when the bully wanted to hurt me. I could also know, without anyone telling me, when your birthday was. I could also look at a person and ‘know’ if that person was alright in their spirit. Two of the three talents are lost to me now. The one remaining had gotten me in trouble sometimes. I could be wrong but the feeling was very strong at times.

Back then, I found myself walking around the woods behind my Esmond home. There were about two or three miles of trees, some areas with tall pine. There were brooks and some springs. Cold, clear water came bubbling up out from under the old granite stones. A small empty quarry had filled with water which became the home to many frogs. Then there were the ‘flat rocks’, the ‘frog pond’ and the one real pond which I only found once. What a magical place, indeed. Surrounded by needle and thorn bushes, it was very hard to get to. Once there, the sight was wonderful to behold! Clear water, a gentle current and a small water fall at the exit point. But as I said, I was only able to find it once…

There was also a Boy Scout Camp up there as well. Small huts that used to be the homes for the poor rubble that followed the trains during the ‘Great Depression’. I found that place only once as well.

Why I never returned bothered me for a long time, only to move away and dream of a time to return to the woods of Esmond.

But now, there is deer tick.

As an adult, I can remember even the smells and colors of those special spots of my youth. I spent hours up there. At times, I would be a special Indian scout, helping white folks get around the swampy areas. Other times, and here is the rub, I was reciting psalms of praise to the God of the Bible--even before I knew Him. Some of the songs were really good, but I don’t remember them any more. Wish I could. Take my word of it, it was divine.

I became really interested in the Spirit world at around 12/13. I used, what I called then, ‘white magic’. That did not run into any conflict with my Baptist upbringing. Or so I thought.

Soon I was invited to parties and they would ask me to do ‘my thing’. Got to meet some interesting kids that way. One time, I had the group believing I was speaking for the dead Grandmother of one of the girls. I used my voice to my advantage and some tricks I picked up along the way so I’d have a free hand to throw something to the other side of the room or touch someone’s arm or reach over and slam the side door shut. The desired effect was one of fear. I got what I wanted--plus!

Then, one day, I heard of the Gospel. Not that the message was so very different from what I had heard from Sunday School days, it had some new ‘things’ attached. Personal. Touched my heart. Saw my need. Prayed before I went to sleep.

In the morning, there were no sign of angles in the room or any special lights around my head. Just a 15 year old teenage with a new heart.

About two months later, while watching TV, I saw the EXACT things I had been doing at the party games being described as being not white magic but dark or black magic. Freaked me out! Even the free hand trick. Time to re-think.

The Scriptures tell us that as a child, I spoke as a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish things. The ‘story’ if the Coal Sack was in the past. Now, I had a new and truthful mission. Telling others of the Gospel I now embrace with all my heart.

Now, the ‘gift’ I had as a child come to me every so often. The only one I still have I have found to be one of the Gifts of the Spirit. Discernment. Sometimes I am wrong as I depend on my own strength and not relay on His Spirit to guide me. Every so often, I can see something like white lights around certain people’s eyes. Those who have these special eyes are not of God. I see it in some who come to church as well as on the street. Now, I am not as put out as I used to be. I now ask the Lord to help me and them, as I had to re-think what my role or responsibility now is as a member of the Body of Christ.

I say more prayers for them now. Try and talk with them of the freedom we now have in Christ Jesus. It is now time for them to re-think.