Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sorry for the Delay!

Christmas Greetings!

I have been away from my post for about 15 days. Traveling, as it were.
But, I am back once again! Please return to this site for this month's Christmas messages.

This Sunday, we will have Ken Nishiono share the message. He will be speaking in Japanese and Tim Timura will be translating! This will be a first for Tim, so pray for him. Ken is a student at a Bible School near Osaka.

Please note the different activities that are happening around ICCS this month. We will be hosting a team from Singapore this month. They will help us in the Enoki-Cho area. There are a lot of handouts to pass out telling the Christmas Message of The Savior, a free offer to get a new Manga that tells the story of Jesus and an invite to ICCS to learn how to sing Christmas Carols. The Christmas party will be on December 19. Join us if you can. If you are reading this from outside the Tokorozawa area and are unable to attend, PLEASE pray for the moving of God on our neighbors. Over the past months, the Lord has opened many doors of relationships with many of them and there are some deep personal needs. Some are very sick, some are alone, and some are very eager to become close friends.

Please check back during the week for details on what is in store here at ICCS.
Your place to belong.