Sunday, June 23, 2013

Worship Always

Worship Always is not only the title of this blog of sermons--it is also the call of our Lord Jesus to enter into a living relationship with Him.  It has been said: "The Whole Duty of Man is to Love God and to Enjoy Him Forever." I could not agree more!

Knowing God through His only Son, Jesus, is THE most exciting life experiences a human can make!  His Spirit will enter your life to direct you and to give you understanding and to place His Peace in your hearts.  This world needs Peace.  Nations look for peace in Generals or in some laws of the land.  Few find it there.  The Bible teaches us that His Peace is offered to everyone who seeks Him.  To call on the Name of the Lord is what is needed.

Friend, call to Him today and start your day to day worship.  His Grace will fill you  and you will know that His Word is truth.  He will never disappoint you nor will He leave you.  Ask Him to forgive you of the things you have done that are wrong.  (We all have done wrong things and we need to receive forgiveness.)  Ask Him to be your Savior.  Thank Him for His New Life in you.  Find a Church where Jesus is taught, where His Word is held up and join in with others in this Walk of Faith.  Go to Church on Sunday!   And...

Worship Always!