Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Lord is Near

Hello, my Friends, from a hotel near LAX, in Los Angeles, Calif!

This has been a wild and emotional trip to the States. There were personal matters that I needed to attend while on this trip and there has not been much time for rest or self-care. During this visit, I have come to understand how it was for King David during a hard time he was going through. Remember the story?

He and his band of fighters had just had a successful raid, only to return to find that their wives and family and the loot they had massed was now gone. Certain tribal men had attacked his camp and had taken them away. His men were heart broken. They were angry. They were ready to stone their leader! Things looked bad for David.

So what did he do?

He strengthened himself in the Lord.

He rehearsed what the Lord had shown him during the weeks and years before this difficultly and he saw that his God was able to hold him up. He strengthened himself in the Lord.

Can you do that? Are you able to look into your life and see the handiwork of a loving God working in your life? Can you hear that still silent voice during the loud times of pain and despair? Can you ID the Hand of God in your Walk of Faith?

David could and he was lifted up AFTER he strengthened himself in the Lord. The Lord is near. Let's talk about how that is done. Send me some ideas how you do that and I will share them here on this blog.

David strengthened himself in the Lord. Can you?