Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What to get for Christmas?

If you are anything like me, Christmas buying kinda takes my breath (and some cash) away. I really wish it was easier. Someway different this year. I can remember leaving the Candle Light Service and rushing to the local store to get just three more gifts. (I have been known to get more than three last minute gifts!) When I get them home and wrap them, I place them under our tree and there is a sense of "Let's not do this again next year". Or else, after Christmas Day, I wonder why my friend from the US sent me a bird feeder that is to be hung on a tree when I live in an apartment. I would venture to guess that many of you have gotten some pretty strange gifts in the past.

What I am about to suggest is NOT that you send me all your strange gifts but that you consider the following video. After I saw this, I felt bad. I felt bad because I was going to Costco Wholesale. I felt bad because I could go to Costco and not be in want. There are many around the world today who can't even drink a clean cup of water...

Well, you watch this and let me know what you really want for Christmas, OK?

And Merry Christmas! Everyone!